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Peter Gremett, is an experience designer (XD) project leader, team motivator, and designer. He is passionate about design and creativity and understands that being a designer is more than just a job or a paycheck. He is currently employed at Intuit and lives in the bay area with his family.

Most high tech paper airplane


Designing the perfect paper airplane — the one that flies the farthest and the fastest — is about to get easier.

Power Up 3.0, built by designer Shai Goitein, promises to give your basic paper model an upgrade, using a small attachable propeller and rudder for a little more speed and steering control.



Starbucks concept store

Starbucks is such a good meeting and hang out place. The experimental store opening soon in Amsterdam is both visually interesting and eco friendly from a material perspective. I hope its design is scalable. From the sound of it a lot of hand crafted elements went into the store. I would love to see one of these in my neighborhood.

‘Confessions Of A Designer’, What Goes On In A Designer’s Mind –

London-based designer Anneke Short has come up a series of minimalist posters that are out to challenge the preconceptions that people have of designers. Below is one of the posters from Anneke. These are so true and and I have thought something similar on more than one occasion. Check out the site to see all of the posters.



The Bomb

These will be the bomb at your next party or even by yourself! Buy them on Amazon of course.

Durably constructed of double-walled borosilicate glass–the same material used to make scientific lab equipment–the sturdy vessels feature compact cylindrical shapes and smoothly rounded rims for easy handling and dispensing. Even more, their inner glasses sport frosted finishes and, best of all, miniature bomb-shaped compartments that delightfully showcase their contents and bring unique dimension to any cocktail party or dinner gathering. A head-turning alternative to plain or kitschy logo-emblazoned versions, the collector-worthy shot glasses arrive packaged side-by-side in a sturdy storage box, and the set cleans up easily by hand when through.