Baychi – October – That Resonates with Me! Nancy Duarte

That Resonates with Me! How to Change the World One Presentation at a Time
Nancy Duarte, Duarte Design

Stories create human connection
Physical reactions to really story telling
ppt destroys this
The office and fire safety ppt 🙂

Presenting report is a different creative process
Figure out a way to connect with the audience
Hunt for ways that you are the same. This will allow you to be empathetic
What sacrifice do they make, how much do they make, what do they do

Having humility is a way start.
About us type slide and making yourself as the star or hero
You are yoda, treat the hour like audience is special. presenter is one moment is someone’s life. make it meaningful or special.

But i dont need to persuade?

What are you providing the information for? How are you helping the company in its state.
You want your content to resonate, with your audience. State your pov not just a fact. unique pov and the stake. what is at stake allows you to persuade.
Move from here——————————-to here. You have to define that.
When your audience walks in the room and then when they walk out. What do you want them to transform to?
If a presentation had a shape, what would your be? What should it be?
What is, What could be } gap between the two
The middle moves back and forth between these two
Sailing tacking back and forth. resistance arises but how can you harness that.
Last turning point is the call to action
You cant stop there you have to paint a picture of the future or what it could be.

Many or all great speeches follow this.
People leave becoming something new.
Keep a ground for them to communicate and grow.

Don’t forget to sprinkle in:
micro stories

Dorf – venture capitalist
ted talks
richard fienman – space shuttle

presentations are becoming a medium that is higher and higher viewed

People tweeting bout the presentation makes the chatter more apparent. You have to me more interesting that the twitter feed.

Deliver profound experiences!
You have to be you and be human. The audience is human. You are human so bring that in the presentation.
How we can share – talk about why we do what we do in the presentation.