Nature or nurture

I am reading the book the Talent Code by Daniel Coyle and he states that talent is not something you are born with but rather nurtured. The book stats that practice and coaching are the keys to developing a talent. I know in my own life I have felt that practicing deeply has taken my talents to new heights. Honing my craft as a designer has taken years and constantly improved by incorporating new techniques or methods keeps me learning and in the zone. Although practice and the right coaching is important, I think you have to have a sense of passion for what you are practicing. If you don’t have that you are not going to stick with it and work through the rough spots.

What do you think?

A good introduction to the book and Coyle’s theories is this news piece on the author and book.


1 thought on “Nature or nurture

  1. Thanks for the video suggestion. I absolutely love “The Talent Code,” but have been looking for something simple to use to introduce my friends and family to the concepts that Coyle outlines. This video serves the purpose well!

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