December BayCHI

Aiming for Innovation: Living Design in a Business World

Brynn Evans and Krista Sanders

These high energy design divas gave a good presentation. For me it was a bit of redux for me but it also serves as a good reminder to what we should be doing. I guess I found it pretty inspirational.

Creative and critical thinking aspects of design thinking make a good definition.

Here is one to test out design thinking on

58 billion paper cups are thrown away every year in the us. how would you solve this problem? who are the stakeholders? when is the problem solved? a big problem is not easy to solve.

In order to solve this problem you need to understand all the aspects or the problem and people’s behavior. really understand the problem from all from all apects and users involved.

A few aspects here:

1. Problem space – understanding all the parts of the problem

2. Solution space – using building to help us think or generative

3. Configuration – making the sales and marketing or business thinking

Debra Adler case study used to illustrate their point. If you are not familiar with this you should check it out.

If you push out from business goals then you end up with a minimal solution that may solve a part of the user problem. if you start out from user problems you end up solving the bigger problem of course while solving the business need.


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