Being on the box

Packaged software is going away!

This is not new news to anyone. More companies are delivering their product over the web, directly to phone, or whatever, whenever. I am in agreement that you don’t need to go to store to get your webware or software. It sounds so old doesnt it? But as a designer though it sure is nice to see your work on the box sitting on shelf in a store. You can actually go to the box pick up and show your family and say, “Look see this, this is what i did” “this is the product that I worked on”,  “this is what I was spending my hours doing”. There certainly is a bit of thrill being able to do this. Sure you can send out a link to family and friends of your website but it just does not have the same impact or feeling.

I guess many record producers and album designers felt that same way when things were moving to cassette or dvd’s. I would classify this as more of a craftsmanship type mentality. You care about what you make you are proud of what you do and you beam when you see it on the shelf. Maybe I am old school but its just not the same for a website.

My box shot is out there for QuickBooks 2010 – in stores near you. But of course there are online shots too. Specifically I did the company snapshot design.


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