See => Sort => Sketch Baychi 06/10/09

Last nights Baychi session on “See, Sort, Sketch” by Kate Rutter was pretty interesting. I was expecting more of a sketching interface discussion but it was more of a research methodology.

Kate began the session by telling about a case study where the method had been used. This provided some good background and helped set up the rest of the talk.

Essentially the technique is to sketch or visualize what you are hearing from your customers during research. It allows the team to visualize what they are hearing and gets the juices flowing early in the project. If you are working with a client then they can see the beginnings of what some of the issues are as they are emerging.

After the team has visualized the research now its time to sort them or cluster them or create themed boards. By doing this you can see patterns or effects. This helps carries the research into the design phase.

The design phase results in sketches or concepts based on the visual jots that people created. These jots tell stories so they lend them selves really well to storyboards. Kate showed some of these at the session.

All in all it was quite interesting and great to see more sketching creeping into product design as well as corporations.



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