baychi – innovation games

Guest speaker: The Unexpected Joys and Sorrows of Translating In-person Experiences to On-Line Tools
Luke Hohmann, Enthiosys

Collaboration games put online
Relaxed games

Prune product tree – teams add so much crap on the product they need to be pruned in order to grow and be strong
Team game
Tree you want to see grow

What its good for: Develop ideas for new product and services

Captures data for sophisticated analysis of preferences
In person activity
Can do this with stake holders or customers
Leaves are potential features
Team must agree
Visual collaboration
The collaboration is manifested in a visual representation

Agile process where most people fail is in iteration. Iteration means do over not just incremental

More on Innovation games from Luke on slideshare


nice landing page

i came across this page today. wow! what visual design and pop. the landing page is so vibrant and exhibits great contrast. the logo is pretty cool too. I guess its very mac like. they seem to be using mac style fades and icons.


i think it accomplishes several things that you find on a successful landing page.

  • communicates what the site is about
  • a link to learn more
  • login if you are already a member
  • sign up
  • site wide navigation

i am sure there are metrics for a successful page, arguably the ultimate success factor is if someone signs up and becomes a paid member i.e. conversion rate.