Talk About Social Media wtih Charlene Li

Yesterday we had a guest speaker at my company, Charlene Li, Co-author, Groundswell and VP, at Forrester Research. I thought the talk was great!

How many times have you been to a boring speaker with no data because they don’t want anyone to steal their ideas? Its annoying. Charlene did not do that. It was quite refreshing. She plugged her book of course, but she provided some great frameworks, ROI numbers, and examples. This was information that I can use at my company to discuss how customer focused social “stuff” can easily pay for itself. It is very actionable.

  • Some of the keys to succes in the social space for companies to consider are:
  • Focus on the relationships, not the technologies
  • Choose an objective you can measure
  • Find your passionate revolutionaries
  • Line up executive support
  • Start small, think big

I would consider picking up the book. I have not looked at the index to see what it contains but if its as good as her presentation, its worth it.


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