route planner with a wiki twist

Since social networking is quite the buzz these days here is an interesting site that does it with a twist.

Simpatigo creates personalized tour guides complete with directions and markers for attractions along the way. Users select beginning and ending points for the trip they’d like to take, along with which categories of attractions they’re interested in—historical, budget, kid-oriented or restaurants, for example. Simpatigo then returns map-based driving or walking instructions along with descriptions of the relevant points of interest along the route. Not only can users search for and get travel routes, but—in Wikitravel fashion—they can also input local attractions of their own, which then get added to those Simpatigo includes on its routes.

Maps and routes are available from api’s so this site is a mash up of sorts between maps and user contribution. Obviously they are making money from the ads that are plastered everywhere. Companies could advertise in the spaces though based on the region that people are looking at. Or put their own plug on the map for their business if it has a physical store front. New opportunities for businesses for sure.


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