Sketching user experiences – more

Design thinking and ecology
design critique (remember those?) firing squad or constructive – just mentioning the name conjures up the gut wretching sessions where it seemed anything can happen.
There is a time for this – before its locked down and finalized.

The future is here….its just not very evenly distributed. The hot products of tomorrow are using the technology of today and back to 10 years ago or even older. Wii came out of nowhere is now the market leader in the game space. But the technology of Wii – gesture recognition was created by the pioneer Kruger in 1983!! Think about it.

You’ve heard it once not hear it again – Prototype early and prototype often.

Sketches are not prototypes. Just because something looks like a sketch does not mean that it is a sketch. sketching has explicit attributes. a rough prototype is not a sketch.

Designers role
Design is a choice and our role as designer’s s to find the best design. Usability research is to help make the design the best it can be. Generating lots of ideas early in the process can help ensure that you get the right design. we need to explore and create alternatives. after than you can refine your best choices using usability methods. Prototyping is one of the tools used for this.


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