Kapla blocks – kid toy or mom & dad’s

If you have not seen them before Kapla blocks are amazing. They seem to defy gravity. I had never heard about them before or played with them before until I took my kids to Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, Ca. Anyone, including kids, can quickly and easily build towers and structures. There is no messy glue or nail or screw. Structures rely on balance and gravity. If a structure falls its just as fun to start over and create something new. The designs are endless and you can create something in a short amount of time. They push your creativity and allow you to think differently. I also think that as you see more structures built by other people you can pick up inspirations from others. This was certainly the case at the Lawrence Hall where the public interacts with the blocks and structures made by others were up all over the place.

They are precisely made so that they fit rather well together. They are very creative and low tech. They are also eco-friendly – they are made from of pine coming from renewable French forests.

It is a great activity to do with your kids and can keep you busy for quite a while. You can introduce other toys to make it even more fun like hot wheels or poly pocket.

These are great toys as well as creative tools. Many creative folks have toys in their cube either for play or to inspire themselves. I think these would make a wonderful addition to an innovative space or a collaborative activity in a common space to bring teams together or just have fun.

these blocks are just cool!


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